Say hello to luscious lips

Whether a result of genetics or a recent development, as you’ve gotten older, thin lips and lines around the mouth are a big concern for many women. But what if you could improve the shape, fullness, and definition of your lips while still looking natural? Well, you can, with a little help from the amazing Wellness team!

A safe, natural-looking solution

Here at The Wellness IV Spa & Medical Weight Loss Center, we’ve found that the best results can be achieved through lip injections with a dermal filler. Lip injections have grown in popularity over the last few years as a safe, reliable way to temporarily add volume and definition to your lips while retaining a natural look.

We use the Restylane® family of hyaluronic acid-based fillers to treat a number of concerns—and Restylane Silk is our preferred option for subtle lip enhancement. This clear gel hyaluronic acid filler provides subtle lip enhancement by improving the fullness and shape of thinning lips and diminishing signs of aging around the mouth. Treatment is quick and comfortable, and most patients see results within just a few days.

Do lip injections hurt?

The lips are pretty sensitive, and you will feel a pinching sensation during injection, but most of our patients report that the discomfort is tolerable and short-lived. Because everyone has a different threshold for pain, it’s important to be open with your provider about your comfort.

In some cases, we can ice the area or apply a topical numbing solution to help reduce any pain you’re experiencing.

What will my lips look like after injections?

Expect to look a little swollen for a couple of days. While we use a very thin needle to inject the filler into the lips, your body will still react to the puncture as an injury and begin the healing process. Swelling should go away within a day or two, and the use of ice as directed by your provider can help lessen swelling in addition to providing relief for any sensitivity.

How long do Restylane lip injections last?

Restylane Silk can last six or more months, though this can vary based on your natural anatomy, how much was injected, and your lifestyle habits. Over time, your body will slowly absorb the filler and your natural lip size will return.

We recommend coming in for maintenance treatments every few months to keep your results looking fresh and beautiful.