1. For Microneedling the package can be a package of 5 for 1,425 with PRP or stem facial for acne, roseae, melasma, hyperpigmentation, etc. The only thing not included in the take required is to take home am and pm products. We would need to do just one service in the ad, so can we guarantee results with the micro needling package alone?  We would include the am/pm ($150) in the offer with the creams – guaranteed reduction of acne and hyperpigmentation, etc. $999 – must come once per week and use the creams consistently 50% reduction after first treatment package.

2. Dermal fillers- we can run a package of $599 dermal filler package (limited to 2 syringes per person with any other syringe placed at 10% off) Again, would need just one offer in the ad. So you could do two syringes at $599? or $599 for each syringe? This could be a good one…

3. BHRT- I really, really, really want to run this one. The price is $175 1st time consultation fee. $575 for women every 3 months; and 775 for men every 6 months, $975 if any male needs over 200mg of testosterone. For labs at 4 weeks $175 for both sexes. We do give them paperwork to file for reimbursement from their insurance but we don’t bill the insurance personally. The guarantee is increased sex drive, decrease in depression and anxiety symptoms, increase in stamina and energy, decrease in mood swings, hot sweats, decrease in weight gain an increase in lean muscle mass, etc. So you are comfortable making claims that we can guarantee these changes right? If so, this is an excellent ad choice! Men $775 and $100 for one lab concierge fee.  Virtual consultation with instructions and give info on how to administer the meds. Shipping radius 50 miles and meds will be brought to them concierge within one week. One month supply of injections plus supplies. $875 – $599 first month and following months will be $600/month.  Must be at home, must get training, must sign off on meds and paperwork.

4. Guaranteed permanent fat removal with Lipodissolve injections. Pricing is set per the flyer I sent. You can take out the Xeomin and PDO threading for this go-round. This could be something worth trying also.  What kind of discount would you be willing to do for this one?