Yeso Therapy

The gym is no longer your only place to go to ramp up your metabolism and burn fat. We offer yeso therapy to tone and contour your body while nourishing your skin at the same time. Yeso therapy, also known as ‘yesoterapia’, comes from the Spanish word, “yeso,” meaning cast. Body casting has been a popular slimming technique in Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain for years, but it was not practiced in the US until recently (circa 2015).Yeso therapy can help you achieve dramatic results! —up to 10-inch reduction in waistline (after completing full treatment series)! Yeso treatments also hydrate and rejuvenate skin for firmer, fuller texture.

  • Up to a 10-inch waistline reduction (after completing full treatment series)
  • Hydrated and rejuvenated skin
  • Firmer, fuller skin texture
  • Non-invasive procedures and no healing time
  • Safe for most people and body types!

What To Expect During Yeso Therapy Treatment

For optimal absorption, the casting applied in a yeso therapy session should stay on for at least four to eight hours, meaning that you can go home after the cast is applied and will take off the cast at home using our provided written instructions for removing the cast properly. Most clients will see noticeable results after a single yeso treatment. However, for more dramatic results and to maintain a toned tummy and thighs, we suggest that yeso therapy is carried out in 10 to 15 sessions (depending on client goals). The number of sessions required depends on several other factors, including overall health, genetics and diet. Once your initial treatment series is done, we recommend a single treatment each month for maintenance.